The Third Age Travel Country Rating is unique. No-one has ever rated countries in this way before.

The Criteria

Value for money              Crime rate

Ease of visiting               Health care

Things to see and do              Corruption level

Environment               Age awareness

The Methodology

All factors are from reputable and publicly available ratings. They were normalized to a 0-100 scale to ensure equal weighting. The score for each country is the average of the eight normalized scores.

The Idea

To develop a comprehensive but simple rating system to objectively rate countries by their desirability and ease for the Third Age Traveler.

The Countries

Exactly 100 countries are rated, including all popuar desitinations. Unrated countries are too small or too poor or have insufficient data.

The Report

The ratings are contained in a 19 page (letter size) PDF report. Easy to download and print out.

The Rankings

The 100 countrues are ranked by their total rating, with each the score (out of 100) for each component.

The Map

A map of the world is included, with each country color coded to show its relative ranking (in five bands).

The Text

The text contains a brief overview of each country, and explains the methodology and rationale for the report.

About the author

Graeme Philipson

Graeme Philipson is CEO and founder of Third Age Travel. With this report he has drawn on his extensive experience in market research and industry analysis to develop a new methodology for rating the desirability of countries for the Third Age Traveler.